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The role and importance of imported gaskets


【Summary description】Imported pads are generally used in mining elevators, but what are the functions of block objects with different colors in the elevator? Let's learn about the role and importance of imported pads together!

Imported pads are generally used in mining elevators, but what are the functions of block objects with different colors in the elevator? Let's learn about the role and importance of imported pads together!


The role and importance of imported gaskets


1) Imported gasket ensures friction coefficient

Friction hoist utilizes the power of imported pads and steel wire ropes to lift heavy objects and personnel, and the friction coefficient varies depending on the material of the pad. Imported pads are important components of friction elevators, which bear the balance of steel wire rope weight, container weight, cargo weight, tail cable weight, as well as various loads and impact loads during operation. They must have sufficient compressive capacity. In order to prevent slipping during the lifting process, there must be sufficient friction coefficient between the steel wire rope and it.

2) Protective steel wire rope

Imported gaskets have a good protective effect on steel wire ropes. From a macro perspective, while ensuring support strength, the softer the gasket material, the more favorable it is for the steel wire rope. Buffer materials should not contain particles with high hardness.

The friction coefficient of imported pads is an important factor in the interaction between the friction pad and the steel wire rope, causing folding. If the friction coefficient of the friction pad is not accurately selected, the interaction force will decrease and relative folding will occur. At the same time, the friction pad and the steel wire rope will experience early wear. Friction pad wear is influenced by multiple factors, and the friction coefficient is analyzed to further prevent and reduce pad wear and prolong pad life.

The friction coefficient of imported gaskets is divided into dry rope friction coefficient, wet friction coefficient, and lubricant friction coefficient. The friction coefficient of the friction pad on the main wheel is related to the rope pressure of the steel wire rope. When the rope pressure of the steel wire rope is different, the various friction coefficients of the friction pad are different. After long-term testing and experience by our company, the friction coefficient value of GDM-326 friction pad reaches 0.65 in a dry environment. The friction coefficient can reach 0.35 in a greasy state. This friction coefficient has a large floating space, but all meet the requirements of 0.28 for friction elevators The friction coefficient of friction type winch can always be kept above 0.28, and accidents such as rope slipping are not easy to occur.

Imported pads can be divided into cotton or cotton cloth pad, foam styrene pad, wool and chemical fiber leftover needle pad according to the materials used; The use areas include shoulder pads, chest pads, collar pads, etc.

1. Shoulder pad

Shoulder pads, also known as shoulder pads, are triangular shaped shoulder pads placed on the shoulders of a jacket. Shoulder pads are a wide variety of clothing accessories used to adjust shoulder shape and compensate for "defects" in shoulder shape. The former is called a decorative shoulder pad, while the latter is called a functional shoulder pad. Due to different clothing requirements for the selection of shoulder pad materials, processing technology, size, thinness, and shape, there are hundreds of specifications for shoulder pads. The use of shoulder pads can beautify the shape of clothing, making it elegant and creating a sense of sophistication.

2. Chest pad

Chest patches, also known as chest films or chest patches, are mainly used for front chest patches on suits, outerwear and other clothing. Clothing has good drape, strong three-dimensional sense, good elasticity, good mold retention, and a certain degree of insulation. It can play a role in restraining and shaping certain parts, and can generally be divided into fabric and non fabric types to compensate for chest defects. In addition, there are composite bras and composite bras. The early use of breast pad materials was mostly low-end fabrics, but later gradually used woolen linen lining and black charcoal lining as chest pads. In recent years, non-woven fabrics have been used to manufacture chest pads.

3. Lapel collar

The collar is also known as the collar bottom. Collar sole for suits, jackets, and industry uniforms. Using her instead of clothing fabrics and other materials to make the collar lining, the collar is straight, fits the face, has a beautiful appearance, increases elasticity, is easy to summarize and shape, has a low shrinkage rate after washing, and has good mold retention.

There are two types of collar pads: bottomed fabric collar pads and bottomless fabric collar pads. According to the materials used, it can also be divided into viscose fiber collar pads, blended collar pads, and pure wool collar pads. The lapel has the characteristics of beautiful appearance, firm mold, good elasticity, less wrinkling, no shrinkage, no pilling when lying down, easy cutting, labor and material saving, etc. It is particularly suitable for flow production and helps to improve the grade of clothing and increase added value

The above introduction is about the role and importance of imported gaskets. If you need to learn more, please feel free to contact us at any time!